Product Sourcing

We are a global sourcing company with profound capabilities across business functions, peerless expertise and extensive research in product designing and development. We are committed support our clients by enabling them for delivering world class products and creating long-term relationships by being responsive, relevant and consistently delivering best value for their money. We are sourcing high-quality consumer products through multinational purchase and our functional activities include:

    - Product Design, Research & Development

    - Manufacturing based on the product specification

    - Purchase support

    - Importing / Shipping / Logistics / Certification

    - Marketing support & Branding


    Product Distribution

    We function by appointing exclusive distributors in each country to market the products. We work closely with our partners and support them in marketing & promotional activities and in pricing. This unique model of functioning helped us to build a strong B2B network across the globe.

    For the customers around the world, Ozon combines superior product offerings with unparalleled technological expertise and competitive logistics Service. We also provide branding support to strengthen the business of our regional partners.



    We are also providing B2B solutions to our clients across the globe with customized designing, manufacturing and supporting them in expanding their business through branding and marketing activities.

    In Saudi Arabia, we offer a very unique system of DDP (Duty Paid Delivery) to deliver the goods in customer’s ware house. This system is facilitating through our office in Damam, Saudi Arabia.