“Nakamichi” reflects a long, proud tradition of quality and innovation in electronics and acoustics. Today’s Nakamichi had its origin by founding a small research institute in 1948. In earlier stage we provided research services to major brands, governments, universities and for the private industry.

Over many years of innovations rolled out from the continuous research and development activities at Nakamichi paved the way for the creation of full range of high – end electronics products that strengthened the brand reputation for performance, quality and innovations.

These cherished traditions – intense curiosity, love of music and a commitment to uncompromising quality and performance – are behind the Nakamichi name and the graphic symbol that express it.

We represent Nakamichi (Premium Japanese Brand) as Licensee and the Master Distributors for the MENA region and Indian sub continent.

For more than eight decades, AKAI has proven itself to be one of the premier sources of vision and innovation for consumer electronics. AKAI Founded in 1929, Tokyo, Japan, and has engaged in offering quality home entertainment products specializing in the audio and video arenas.

As a mission to enhance our life, AKAI combined advanced technology with its unique expertise in consumer electronics to create the best solutions in the market. To satisfy the growing demand for home entertainment, AKAI is also offering more home related products and home appliances. In addition to wide range of product line Akai strives to deeply integrate into everyone's daily life by delivering and maintaining high standards that meet customer expectations.

 We are representing AKAI brand (Japanese well know Brand) as the Licensee and Master distributors for the below countries.
UAE, Saudi, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, India, Yemen, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Eretria and Uganda for AKAI branded products.

Sansui, the global brand and one of the World leaders in consumer electronics, was founded in 1944. Sansui started manufacturing transformers and subsequently, expanded into manufacturing Hi-Fi amplifiers and other electrical equipment.

Sansui is now primarily engaged in the design, manufacture and marketing of home audio/video products. Sansui is committed to provide an integrated service to the customers, which consists of commitment to excellent product quality, up-to-date product design, competitive market pricing and constantly expanding its distribution networks for easy access of the products.

Sansui is committed to provide the best products with the best service

We are also representing Sansui brand as the Licensee and Master distributors for the below countries.
Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.

We represent Alcatel Telephony products (Telephones) as the master distributor covering Middle East and India and we operate through sole distributors in every country except India where the operations are directly by our sister concern, Unitech Trading Ltd.

No matter your life style, GE has a phone series for you. We connect you to the world through wide ranges of its communication solutions. We are offering enormous array of communication solutions with enhanced quality and technology that take your communication to the next level.

GE home and office solutions are configured and designed to fit for both office and residential requirements. We offer all the right features that match with your life style

We represent GE (Telephones) as the master distributor for Middle East.